The Great Escape

Our signature treatment begins with a gentle skin brushing and full body exfoliation, followed by a nourishing full body mask. Whilst enveloped in warm towels, enjoy a calming facial and head massage. Take a rainfall shower before a peaceful body massage which completes the treatment.

2 hours 30 minutes | £82
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Full Body Massage

A relaxing Swedish massage incorporating the back, legs, arms, shoulders and head.

1 hour and 15 minutes    £46

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

For relief from everyday stress, knots and strains that can build in your neck, shoulders and back.

30 minutes    £27

The Greatest Massage

Can’t decide between a head or back massage? Maybe you fancy your feet and hands massaged but not your legs. Then this bespoke massage is for you, just choose the areas you would like your therapist to concentrate on.

45 minutes    £34

Head to India

This is our take on the traditional Indian Head Massage with a TGE twist.

Enjoy a warming upper back, neck, shoulder, face and head massage using the warmed oils. Inspired by Ayuvedic movements, this treatment will help you to feel rested and relaxed.


45 minutes    £34

Bamboo Massage

An ancient Chinese therapy designed for those who prefer a deeper pressure. The warmed bamboo is expertly used to stretch and release muscle tension, improve circulation and lymphatic flow.

1 hour 30 minutes    £53
30 minutes    £32

Hydrotherm Massage

A full body massage performed whilst lying on heated water pillows, melting away tension and stress. No need to turn over, no face holes and no strained necks so perfect for those who are pregnant or find it difficult to move around.

1 Hour    £46

Lava Shell Massage

Comfortably hot basalt stones are used to massage and warm the muscles of your body relieving tension, stress and strains.

1 hour and 15 minutes    £53
30 minutes    £34

Reiki Healing

Experience a taste of Japan with this healing treatment that will help to still the mind, calm the emotions and encourage wellness, bringing inner peace, deep relaxation and healing on all levels. Reiki involves a gentle touch and gives you the means to recharge your own battery, renew your energy and totally unwind.

1 hour    £37
30 minutes    £20

Hopi Ear Candles

These candles help to draw impurities from the ear, help to balance and restore the sinuses and forehead. Includes a relaxing head massage

45 minutes    £32


A truly holistic therapy where it is believed a map of the body is reflected onto the soles of the feet. Pressure is applied to certain areas to help improve physical and psychological ailments.

1 hour    £40

Nouvatan Spray Tan

Made with 100% natural, active organic ingredients, with no parabens, alcohol or oils, leaving you with a perfect natural looking sunless tan.

30 minutes    £20